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Carpet cleaning - Prague

Carpet cleaning - Prague Carpet cleaning - Prague Carpet cleaning - Prague

We offer quality cleaning of carpets in Prague and her near neighborhood. We either clean the carpets right at the client’s (at home, at work, in the hotel etc) or in our cleaning plant. In agreement we can pick up your carpet, clean it at our place and then bring it back to you. Except from cleaning carpets, we also focus on cleaning upholstery- upholstered chairs, armchairs, sofas… We prefer wet carpet cleaning. After it has been cleaned, the carpet has to dry a few hours. After the cleaning you will have a clean, soft and scented carpet. Try us out.

Carpet cleaning- what decides the quality

Our company is devoted to cleaning carpets for many years. During these years we pushed the process of cleaning to perfection. These factors decide the quality of carpet cleaning:

  • the right choice of cleaning detergent- we use harmless eco detergents, for every type of carpet and staining a different kind and concentration
  • quality cleaning machines- for most cleanings we use proven machines from the company Nifilsk
  • experienced and reliable staff- we are liable for our employees, both for their expertise and professionalism and their reliability and credibility

List of services

Cleaning carpets- carpet cleaning is our main specialization. We use modern technology and detergents that are both harmless and effective, we employ reliable staff.

Cleaning upholstered furniture- We own special cleaning machines for upholstered furniture and we are able to choose the correct detergent. Each upholstering needs its own maintenance. We can clean your upholstered armchairs, couches or sofas.

Cleaning services- We also provide the service of professional cleaning- washing windows, regular cleanups of offices or households, one-time cleaning (for example after painting), clearing out homes and other cleaning services.

Let us clean your carpets

Contact us, we will agree on a time that suits you, and we will efficiently and quickly clean your carpets. We also keep the agreed terms. We offer such carpet cleaning, that will not only perfectly clean them, but also refresh their look. For each carpet we provide a guarantee that is will not be damaged. We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Example of hoovering: